2010 New Zealand Kennel Club National Dog Show

Best of Breed Show Results
AffenpinscherView Results
Afghan HoundView Results
AkitaView Results
Alaskan MalamuteView Results
American Cocker SpanielView Results
American Staffordshire TerrierView Results
Australian Cattle DogView Results
Australian KelpieView Results
Australian ShepherdView Results
Australian Silky TerrierView Results
Australian TerrierView Results
BasenjiView Results
Basset Fauve De BretagneView Results
Basset HoundView Results
BeagleView Results
Bearded CollieView Results
Belgian Shepherd (groenendael)View Results
Belgian Shepherd (tervueren)View Results
Bernese Mountain DogView Results
Bichon FriseView Results
Black And Tan CoonhoundView Results
Border CollieView Results
Border TerrierView Results
BorzoiView Results
Boston TerrierView Results
Bouvier Des FlandresView Results
BoxerView Results
Bull TerrierView Results
BulldogView Results
BullmastiffView Results
Cairn TerrierView Results
Cavalier King Charles SpanielView Results
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverView Results
Chihuahua (long Coat)View Results
Chihuahua (smooth Coat)View Results
Chinese Crested DogView Results
Chow ChowView Results
Clumber SpanielView Results
Cocker SpanielView Results
Collie (rough)View Results
Curly Coated RetrieverView Results
Dachshund (long Haired)View Results
Dachshund (min. Long Haired)View Results
Dachshund (min. Smooth Haired)View Results
Dachshund (min. Wire Haired)View Results
Dachshund (smooth Haired)View Results
Dachshund (wire Haired)View Results
DalmatianView Results
DeerhoundView Results
DobermannView Results
English SetterView Results
English Springer SpanielView Results
English Toy Terrier (blk & Tan)View Results
Flat-coated RetrieverView Results
Fox Terrier (smooth)View Results
Fox Terrier (wire)View Results
French BulldogView Results
German Shepherd Dog (long Stock)View Results
German Shepherd Dog (stock Coat)View Results
German Shorthaired PointerView Results
Golden RetrieverView Results
Gordon SetterView Results
Great DaneView Results
Griffon BruxelloisView Results
HavaneseView Results
Hungarian VizslaView Results
Ibizan HoundView Results
Irish SetterView Results
Irish WolfhoundView Results
Italian GreyhoundView Results
Italian SpinoneView Results
Jack Russell TerrierView Results
Japanese ChinView Results
Japanese SpitzView Results
KeeshondView Results
Kerry Blue TerrierView Results
Labrador RetrieverView Results
Lagotto RomagnoloView Results
Lakeland TerrierView Results
Lhasa ApsoView Results
LowchenView Results
MalteseView Results
MastiffView Results
Miniature PinscherView Results
NewfoundlandView Results
Norwich TerrierView Results
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverView Results
PapillonView Results
Parson Russell TerrierView Results
PekingeseView Results
PointerView Results
PomeranianView Results
Poodle (miniature)View Results
Poodle (standard)View Results
Poodle (toy)View Results
Portuguese Water DogView Results
PugView Results
Rhodesian RidgebackView Results
RottweilerView Results
SamoyedView Results
SchipperkeView Results
SchnauzerView Results
Schnauzer (giant)View Results
Schnauzer (miniature)View Results
Scottish TerrierView Results
Shar PeiView Results
Shetland SheepdogView Results
Shih TzuView Results
Siberian HuskyView Results
Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierView Results
St BernardView Results
Staffordshire Bull TerrierView Results
Swedish VallhundView Results
Tibetan MastiffView Results
Tibetan SpanielView Results
Tibetan TerrierView Results
WeimaranerView Results
Welsh Corgi (cardigan)View Results
Welsh Corgi (pembroke)View Results
Welsh Springer SpanielView Results
West Highland White TerrierView Results
WhippetView Results