2010 New Zealand Kennel Club National Dog Show

Please note CHANGE OF JUDGE IN OBEDIENCE. Due to illness Wayne Perham has been replaced by Arend Van Den Bos. All competitors with contact details have been notified.

Rally-O Competition at the National Dog Show
Friday 3 October 2014
Change of Judge due to illness.
Advanced B will now be judged by Denise Frost and Excellent A & B will be judged by Ann Davis.
At this stage there is also the potential for a change of judge on Saturday 4 October 2014.

Introducing our Obedience Judges for 2014....

Sheeran Johnson (NZ) - Judging UD

sheeran I would like to thank Northern Region for inviting me to Judge UD at the Nationals in Auckland. I have been involved in the Dog World for the last 25yrs. I first started competing in Obedience with a Golden Retriever who went through to Test C. Agility was just starting in New Zealand I decided I would like to give it a try.

My next dog was Jock a Heading Dog nearly making it to Agility Champion. He was the first Flygility Champion in NZ. In 1998 we joined the Zone one trials club. Jock loved tracking and working together as a team he became my first WT CH and OB CH.

I have been on the Judging panel for 3 yrs and love to see a team working well together My next dog Laddie was Jock's half brother and was my second WT CH doing well in OB and Agility and also becoming a Flygility CH.

Then along came Bracken of the same lines but a totally different dog. I have learned a lot from Bracken, he is in TD. He also competes in OB and loves his Agility.

Good Luck and best wishes to all competitors. Happy Tracking.

Shannon Cleave (NZ) - Judging Rally-O Advanced B, Excellent A & B

shannon I have been involved with NZKC Rally-O since the beginning; I regularly compete and have judged for the past 3 years. I pride myself on designing flowing courses that set a fair challenge for the participants, I love that as a judge I get the best spot to watch handlers progress and am a keen supporter of all Dog Obedience.

Barbara McDonald (NZ) - Judging Rally-O Novice A & B, Advanced A

barbara I have been involved in Rally Obedience since the NZKC introduced the sport to its members and have enjoyed seeing the sport quickly gain popularity. I compete in Rally Obedience with my StaffieX Chopper, at Excellent level. I am a member of the North Shore Dog Training Club and instruct Rally O and Canine Good Citizen for the club. I am also a NZKC Canine Good Citizen Assessor and enjoy working with handlers and their pet dogs.

I have three dogs of my own and with the help of my husband of 36 years are highly involved with the Auckland Council in fostering and rehoming dog.

Jean McClymont (NZ) - Judging Test A & Test B

jean Jean McClymont (NZ) I have been involved with dogs since my childhood.
I joined Southland Dog Training Club in 1980 and have become a life member.

I have been judging Dog Obedience for the past 11 years and Rally O since it began. I was very much involved with the starting of it here in Invercargill and was with Lyn Clearwater the 1st judges to judge Rally.

I have bred and showed Golden Retrievers as well as competing in Obedience and agility. I have also owned Border collies and Shetland sheepdogs and competed in Obedience with both breeds. My Border Rebel,   Sheltie Solo and my currant Border Collie Jamie have all been made into Obedience Champions.

Darby my two year old sheltie has just gone into Test A and Nugget our old Golden who is 12 now has become a Rally Advanced dog.

I am married to my wonderful husband Ross and have 3 children 2 boys and a girl all married living here in Invercargill so I get to see my 3 grandchildren on a regular basis.

Arend Van Den Bos (NZ) - Judging Special Beginners, Novice and Test C

arend I have been involved with dogs in one capacity or another all my life, but in competitive obedience only for a little over twenty years. During this time, I have had the immense privilege of being involved in a very large number of canine obedience activities, ranging between actual competition participation and political involvement. A prime reason for this is due to the immeasurable support I have been advantaged to receive in this sport. My continued involvement and outflow being a reflection of my appreciation.

Being asked to judge at an NZKC National Show, especially Test C, is a privilege aspired by most obedience judges, but can only be achieved with your participation. Thank you therefore for the tremendous honour bestowed upon me, and trust that I shall disappointment you (irrespective of what test you are in, and your final score). .