2010 New Zealand Kennel Club National Dog Show

Introducing our Judges for 2014....

Frank Kane (UK) - Judging Hounds and part Gundogs

frank Mr. Kane's interest in dogs began when he wandered from a horse show to the dog show rings and was captivated by the Cockers being shown there. When he was 12, his parents bought him his first Cocker, a blue roan, and Frank went to every dog show he could. He attended his first Crufts at age 16, and in his teens Frank gained valuable knowledge by visiting kennels whose dogs he admired, and by persuading local people to enter their dogs at shows and allow him to show them. During college, he often spent breaks working at different dog operations, serving as a 'kennel man', and often being allowed to handle the dogs. He accepted a position as a college instructor, while maintaining his interest in the dog show world. His Hirontower kennel subsequently produced 13 American Cocker Spaniel champions and two Sealyham Terrier champions, quite a feat in the UK.

Mr. Kane first began judging in 1972. Today he is approved to judge all Groups and Best in Show at the championship level in the UK, in addition to awarding Challenge Certificates in all of the Gundog breeds. A popular judge abroad, Frank is approved to award CACIBs in all breeds recognised by the English Kennel Club, and to judge Best in Show at International shows. In 2012, Mr. Kane was assigned to select the 2012 Best in Show winner at Crufts, the world's largest dog show.

Mr. Kane has also authored several highly praised books on dogs. After retiring from teaching at the college level, he became part of the Breed Standards and Stud Book Committee the Kennel Club in Great Britain, of which he is now chairman. Frank also serves on the Kennel Club General Committee, (somewhat similar to the AKC Board of Directors), on the Show Executive Sub-Committee, and on the Kennel Club's Canine Health Group. In 2010, British Dog World honored him with an award for outstanding achievement within the dog world. His background in education, coupled with his interest in canine anatomy, form and function, make him the perfect candidate to teach conformation and movement to those going through the KC's judges' training programs.

Mr. Kane's take on judging and integrity: "The most important thing for me is that every exhibitor gets a fair crack of the whip, an honest opinion, and is treated equally. No judge gets it right all the time; exhibitors are not fools and can accept a judge making an honest mistake much more readily than when it is perceived that some exhibitors are being favoured."

Dr Wilfried Peper
(Germany) - Judging Terriers and Toys

wilfried Dr. Wilfried Peper was born 1943 in Dortmund. He has studied law, economics and social science and also has a keen interest in genetics. Since 1976 he has been breeding West Highland White Terriers and since 1988 Norfolk Terriers under the 'Peppermint' prefix.

Dr. Peper has more than 30 homebred champions both nationally and internationally and as well as 11 FCI World Winners from subsequent generations. Among this group is Ch. Peppermint Florance, the first Westie to win the Terrier Group at an FCI World Winner Show and Ch. Peppermint Drum Major, the first Westie to win the title twice. Out of the 4 Norfolk FCI World Winners, Ch. Peppermint Flying Cracker was the first and only Norfolk to win Best in Show at the prestigious KFT – Club Winner Show.

Dr Peper is the Honorary President of the German Terrier Club (KFT 1894) which is in charge of 29 Terrier breeds. From 1985 till 1990 he served as President of the German Kennel Club (VDH) and in 2006 he was nominated Honorary Senator for the VDH.

Dr. Peper is the author of several books on Terrier breeds (west Highland White, Cairn, Norfolk, Norwich, Airedale, American Staffordshire and Staffordshire Bull Terriers) as well as being the co-author of Parcey's Book of the Dog.

Since 1992 he has been a specialist judge for the Terrier breeds and since March 2002 an FCI All Breeds Judge (All Rounder), and has judged in more than 22 European Countries in Asia, Australia, South American as well as in the USA. His top appointments to date have been; FCI World Shows, European Winner Shows, FCI Asian Winner Show, Bundessieger Shows, Winner Amsterdam Shows.

Cate Elizabeth Cartledge (UK) - Judging Working Group, part Non-Sporting and BIS

cate Kennel Name: Ryslip
C. E. (Liz) Cartledge, of Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom, has been a leading figure on the U.K. show scene for more than 35 years. Best known, with her late husband, Joe, for Pembroke Welsh Corgis, she nonetheless brought the Swedish Vallhund to the United Kingdom, imported some of the first Japanese Spitz, and is the proud owner of three Lancashire Heelers.

Mrs. Cartledge, who judges six groups and well over 100 Kennel Club breeds, has presentedBest in Show at Crufts. Abroad, she has worked the Santa Barbara (Terriers), AKC/Eukanuba, and Westminster (Pulik and Pembrokes) shows in America, and the Corgi National and Sydney Royal in Australia.

Mrs. Cartledge serves on Kennel Club committees, is a longstanding member of the Ladies Kennel Association Committee, and is vice chairman of the Windsor Dog Show Society. She is honorary secretary of the Junior Handling Association and attaches special importance to encouraging young people.

Operating Ryslip Kennels, doing committee work, and judging on two continents leaves her little leisure, but Mrs. Cartledge fits in visits to the theater and dining out. Also, "I am keen on all kinds of sport." Born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1944, Liz became a dog crazy teenager who decided quite early on in life that England was the country she wanted to live in. She worked as a kennel girl in idyllic Kent the summer of 1963 looking after a small kennel of Pembroke Corgis, Beagles and Bassets. By then she had well and truly got the bug. She returned to Sweden for a few years to finish her education and then worked to build up a little nest egg until 1967 when she set sail for England. Liz married Joe Cartledge in 1971. Joe was a true Terrier man who had retired from professional handling after winning BIS at Crufts in 1961 with an Airedale, CH Riverina Tweedsbairn, to take up judging. This he did at the same time building up a successful boarding (and later quarantine) kennel, pet shop and export business. Having always had Corgis, Liz felt that being married to a Terrier man, she should have a Terrier breed. They were, in fact, given a Norfolk bitch puppy as a wedding present, CH Nanfan Wedding Present, the foundation of a successful Norfolk Terrier kennel, housing 6 English champions. Sadly Joe died of cancer in 1982 but Liz has continued with the business and now runs it with their two sons plus Jane Miller of "Brio" Scottish Terrier fame.

One of the UK's top all-rounders, over the years Liz has totted up a fair few "plum" judging appointments - four groups and BIS at Crufts, Sydney Royal, to name just a few. She is passed for 87 breeds across the 7 Groups (UK), all Groups except Gundogs plus Best In Show at championship show level. Liz is heavily involved with various canine administrations - member of Crufts and Judges sub-committees (KC) LKA and Windsor show committees, honorable secretary of the Junior Handling Association, promoting and encouraging children and young people towards sound dog ownership and developing their handling skills.

Mr Patricio Muza Podesta (Chile) - Judging Utility and part Gundogs

Sigurd Wilberg Patricio Muza Podesta has been a Doberman breeder and exhibitor since 1975. He has bred and owned many bred and Sizes of dogs that include Maltese, Rottweilwer, Shih-Tzu Minuature Schnauzer, and including a world champion Chow Chow.

Patricio Muza Podesta is a member of the Kennel Club of Chile and was a Director for six periods and a Vice president and member of the breeding committee for four periods. As a delegate of the Kennel Club of Chile he has been apart of several assemblies of the FCI, Society of Latin American Exchange Canofilia and Americas and the Caribbean. He is currently the chairman of the Kennel Club Mendoza.

Patricio Muza Podesta has been an All Rounder judge since 1992 and has judged in; Venezuela, Colombia, peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador and Chile. Apart for the South American Countries has had also judged in Canada, Australia, South Africa and Russia. Patricio Muza Podesta also had the privilege to judge at the World Dog Show of Argentina in 2005.

Dianne Tyssen (NZ) - Judging Puppy Stakes and NZ Bred Stakes

dianne My husband and I purchased our first pedigree dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in 1973. We soon became involved in showing and added Griffon Bruxellois, Weimaraners and a German Shepherd to our kennels, followed by King Charles Spaniels and laterly Border Terriers.

We registered our Prestonville prefix in 1974 and we have bred or owned 105 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Champions, 2 King Charles Spaniel Champions, 18 Griffon Brucellois Champions, 9 Weimaraner Champions and 2 Border Terrier Champions. We have homebred Cavalier Champions in NZ, Australia, USA, Japan and Finland and a Griffon Champion in Hawai. For me a natural progression from exhibiting breeds in different groups was to judging them. I attained my judging licence in 1980 for Ribbon Parades, progressed through the groups and was granted my All Breeds Championship Licence in January 1998.

Since 1976 I have served in various offices in local All Breeds, Group and Breed Clubs, including Secretary, President and currently President of Southland Kennel Assn. I am a Life Member of the Southland Working Dog Club, Southland Kennel Association and Otago/Southland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club after a fourth two year term as President. I served for many years as Chairperson and Secretary of the Southland Branch NZKC Judges Assn. I am currently in my fifteenth year as NZKC Delegate for Otago/Southland representing Specialist Group and Breed Clubs. I served five years as Chairperson of New Zealand Show Judges Association.