2010 New Zealand Kennel Club National Dog Show

Goodmorning coverage of the 2014 National Dog Show

2014 National Dog Show - A great success

A successful dog event relies on a huge amount of voluntary labour and skills and this was very true for the 2014 National. The Eukanuba National Dog Show Committee is extremely appreciative of everyone who contributed to the event.

Taking the show on the road creates new challenges for the office and Peter Dunne, Shelley Gilliver and Sue Conner provided the support and expertise to make it possible. Executive Councillors (and some spouses) were an essential part of the workforce and despite being allocated some of the least popular tasks, always worked with a smile and kept the show running.

The dog training team under the leadership of Karen Browning had early starts and a smart timetable to ensure that their winners were able to be presented before Best in Show. Our team of stewards were the best, keeping to the programme and looking after our fantastic team of judges. Martin Hewitt provided an experienced voice to the microphone, always knowing how to keep the public well informed.

A fantastic pre event was the Prelude Show and this set up the National week. The success of this show was due to the expert planning and presentation by Stephen and Gay Meredith and their very able team. Lynley Bray took on the complex task for managing the timetable and needs for the 42 supporting shows at Ardmore.

Ken and Gloria Landon also volunteered and brought their special administration talents along with the calm and dedicated presence, for three long days at the front desk. Jean McErlane worked her magic with ring and trophy decoration.

While agility was not able to be an event this year we were fortunate to have Fiona Mitchell and her team providing a crowd pleasing display, during the weekend. A special thank you to Denise Sharp and members of The German Shepherd Rescue. They were invaluable in car park security and housekeeping duties.

Finally thank you to the exhibitors for being flexible and cooperative in a new environment and part of a special National Dog Show.

Your 2014 National Dog Show Committee: Director Ray Greer, Christine Wood, Karen Browning, Sonia Nicholson, Margaret Wilson, Clyde Rogers, Shirley Rolfe, Lynley Bray, Rhonda Ward, Ashleigh Rogers, Chloe Stubbs, Christine Healy, Kathy Grinter, Stephen and Gaynor Meredith.